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Founded in 1997 to serve Lamar and surrounding counties, DECK’EM Pest Services has intentionally remained small to ensure that our customers get personalized pest control service. We pride ourselves on doing a thorough job of studying your pest problems and tailoring our services to fit your specific needs by incorporating the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). There are numerous reasons as to why you may have a pest invasion. Hiring a professional exterminator will guarantee that the situation gets under control and that necessary procedures are put into place to rid your home of the unwanted pests. Our company is located in Barnesville, Georgia, and we have the unbeatable pest control services you need.

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IPM requires looking at the big picture, not simply coating the entire area with pesticides. Your pest problem could be caused by structural deficiencies, including such things as holes in the foundation that need foaming or caulking. They could stem from sanitation issues that need correcting. It’s possible that these issues might be as simple as cutting back shrubs so they don’t touch the building, or simply organizing a storage area better. Isolating the problem will allow us to successfully exterminate the area and examine the pests' place of entry so that the customer can take precautions to avoid another intrusion. You can choose to take advantage of our no fee, no obligation appointment. At this appointment, we'll inspect the affected area to properly develop a plan of action.

IPM also includes monitoring with traps or glue boards, use of baits, and use of an appropriate pesticide (whichever is best for your particular problem). This approach saves you money and is safer for you, your family, and the environment. Chemical products may take care of the pest problem, but you could be left with harmful odors or residue in the home. When you choose DECK'EM Pest Services, careful consideration is made to ensure the safety of everyone involved during the removal process and after treatment. Monthly and quarterly extermination services are also available.



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