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Since 1997, Deck 'Em Pest Services has provided superior pest control and extermination services in Barnesville, Georgia, using Integrated Pest Management. We treat each pest problem individually and use thorough, detailed strategies to the pest problem immediately and provide long-term resolution. Our professional exterminators target the entry points that pests use to invade your home and prevent them from invading again. Integrated Pest Management means treating specific pests and the methods they use to enter, breed and nest in your home, and eliminate them.

We go beyond pesticides and target the pests at their entry points. Pest problems may be caused by structural deficiencies like holes or cracks, they could invade through pipes and plumbing or they may be attracted by close vegetation or trees. Placing traps and coating an area in pesticides will remove the invasive pests, but will not necessarily stop them from returning. By finding where the pests have entered your home, we prevent future pest problems. This also isolates the existing pests and stops their numbers from swelling. We utilize glue boards, baits and appropriate pesticides that will most effectively eliminate the pests you are seeing. This eliminates the pests more quickly and completely, while also reducing odors and residues in your home.

Schedule an appointment today to inspect any affected area throughout your home with no fee and no obligation. Our exterminators will find the root of the problem and help stop it.

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